Weight Loss Tips – How Stress Impacts Weight Loss

It is being understood more now that stress can impact one’s progress towards weight loss. Controlling stress is even regarded amongst the best weight loss tips. Lots of studies have revealed links between consumed calories and success of weight loss or gain objectives. However, not much has been done for associating weight loss with the body chemistry.

There Is Not Much of Evolution in Our Body Since Our Ancestors

Definitely, we have seen lots of advances with the likes of cell phones, computers, commercial flights, etc. which were not present at the time of our ancestors. But our body is pretty much the same.

Imagine the time when man used to be a hunter. Your senses were up all the time and were also aware of the dangers while on the quest to find something to eat. When you had to eat, it was necessary to find something first, then hunt it and then make it ready to be consumed.

Your body always remained in stress as it was always looking to save your food stores, the body fat, while making sure your muscles are supplied with sufficient amount of energy for supporting the hunt. It used to be tricky as if too much of body fat was let go it might lead to the condition of starvation while if sufficient amount wasn’t released it could result in fatigue leading to failed hunt and, in turn, result in starvation.

Now What Lifestyle We Follow Today?

We don’t have to walk miles in order to get our food. We just drive to some fast food chain in our area or a grocery store, deciding what to eat from different options available. As a result we don’t do what our ancestors used to do for getting that next meal which means we don’t have to the stores of food energy that our body has in order to support our hunt.

If You Burn Fewer Calories, You Lose Lesser Body Fat

Currently, the stress we face is only caused by the boss or the bills that we have to pay every month and these stressors are treated by our body in same way like that of our ancestors. As a response, our body returns that that tightrope where it has maintain a balance between releasing calories as well as holding them up.

As we do not walk too much for our routine chores, we do not have that physical exertion for burning off those calories anymore which makes our bodies to hold more of our body fat. In fact, the weight loss tips that one would try to follow will work once we have actually realized what is going on inside us.

As we reduce the calorie-intake, caveman living inside us perceives it as a kind of scarcity. As a result, it tries to hold as much of body fat as possible for its survival. If our body is stressed, regardless of whether it is caused by the boss or less food, we are directing our body to Keep that fat rather than losing it.

So, it is amongst the foremost weight loss tips to reduce the levels of stress during exercises. This will allow our little caveman inside to work in our favor rather against us.