Fat Burning Exercises That Shouldn’t Be Missed Out In Your Workout Routine

You may be working hard to shed those extra pounds and tone your body but your efforts may not be paying off as they should. When you want to lose weight fast, some fat burning exercises are a must. If you have not experienced weight loss as you might have expected then it is time for you to take a look back on your workout routine and see if you have the following fat burning exercises in your routine or not. Some of these may be hard to execute but they can certainly bring results fasts. Let’s take a look at these fat burning exercises that are backed by some proven results.

Let’s go through these top fat burners one by one.


It’s a cardio move that can be done at home and it helps in toning your core, legs and upper body all at the same time. This triple threat workout is hard to execute but all your effort will be worth it.

Jumping Lunges

Jumping lunges is regarded as a top workout to tone your thighs. Furthermore, the momentum needed for jumping up during your lunges and move helps in burning calories incredibly.

Jackknife Crunches

It is one of the best fat burning exercises and is an advanced type of abdominal move in which your lower as well as upper abs are involved to offer maximum toning within minimum time frame. This move is particularly helpful as it is hard to focus your lower abs without any specific equipment.

Jumping Squats

Just doing this fat burning exercise for a couple of minutes will let you know how hard it is to perform. It can help you to build explosive speed as well.

Lunges with the Reverse Raise of The Leg

It helps in toning your thighs, obliques, lower back and glutes and at the same time builds balance and coordination.

Push Ups

They involve your full body and you can easily modify them to make them even more challenging, no matter if you are a most avid athlete and exerciser. If you find standard pushups too easy then try ‘Single Leg Push Up’.

Lateral Jumps

It is an easy pilates move that helps in toning the core, thighs and glutes. As it involves all larger muscle groups, it helps you to burn so many calories easily and tones the body at the same time as well.

Jumping Jacks

This is a simple cardio workout that will be helpful in quickly increasing your heart rate. Sets of strength training can be added in between as it will help you to burn higher number of calories.

Mountain Climbers

It may feel like some punishment, but mountain climbers can help you burn fat and tone the body overall without any need of equipment.

Side Planks with Leg Raises

This helps you to target obliques, outer thighs and deltoids and needs strength as well as coordination of whole body for holding up base Pilates side plank.

These are the top 10 fat burning exercises that are a must for your workout routine if you want to lose weight fast. Try these fat burning exercises and see some real results!