Fitness Tips – Build Muscles By Following Expert Opinion

Are you amongst those who have long been putting all their effort in gym workouts but are unable to get results? There are many who show that drive, fortitude, and consistency, but still fail to achieve their goals. Well, if you find all this familiar, you need to follow some fitness tips from experts or to get yourself trained from some personal trainer to see results you want. If you want to build muscles alone, these fitness tips from some of the experts in this field will help you find your way.

Basics to Muscle Building

The foremost of all fitness tips, when you’re up to gain muscle mass, is to know the basics to muscle building. First of all, your protein and caloric intake has to be increased. After that, when starting your gym workouts, keep yourself focused on the form. Execute some compound movements while training with the weights almost 4 times every week on average. Rest is important and you should keep that in mind. Bear in mind that your muscle tissues don’t grow in the gym but outside when your body is given time for relaxation and recovering from the exercise routine you follow at your gym.

Range of Movement

Make sure that no shortcuts are taken when your goal is to build muscle. According to a personal trainer, you should aim for largest range of movement that can be achieved in the exercises you perform. The reason behind this is pretty simple. More work will have to be done by your muscles in each repetition and as a result more tissue will be broken down by the time your workout ends.

Up & Down

So, how can you make the most of your weight lifting efforts? Use weights which can fail you on your set around 30-40 second mark. According to a research, this is the time when your muscle is made to grow and you can build muscle more. Remember that if you start failing at just 20 secs then the weight you are using is too heavy.

Contradicting Cardio

According to the fitness tips from experts, when you are up for mass building you should restrict yourself on cardio exercises and should not do too much of them. If you do, you may end up burning excessive amount of calories than you should. But if you still can’t keep yourself away from cardio exercises then take light jog for just 20 minutes or so on some days of the week.


According to some, supplements can be vital for boosting the muscle gains. If you’re amongst those who believe in this then you might be taking some protein supplements already. However, experts say that creatine is one of the most efficient size and strength-building supplements around. Plus, peppermint can also be an efficient way of boosting your performance. The scent it carries can change your perception about how hard you are working out and, in turn, your gym workouts become slower paced, less strenuous and a lot easier.

With these fitness tips you can be able to build muscle quickly and your efforts won’t go in vain at all. Give it a shot today!